Teamwork & Collaboration: What is it and how beneficial it is in the workplace?

Teamwork & Collaboration: Teamwork is said to be work done by several associates with each doing a part, but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole. Collaboration is a critical component of teamwork. Collaboration is said to be working jointly with others.

Why is teamwork beneficial to business?

Teamwork & Collaboration are beneficial to business because they help to build a harmonic relationship amongst employees. They bring out the best within a team and improve efficiency significantly.

Here are some of the top reasons why teamwork is so important.

  • Teamwork unites people

When a group of people work together in a healthy and positive environment, they are more likely to bond and develop friendships. People are inclined to cooperate much better than in hostile environment. A close-knit group of people is more likely to showcase healthy competition and a desire to achieve goals.

  • Teamwork promotes efficiency

When people work in groups their efficiency significantly improves. The simple reason is that in a group, the workload is shared and there is no pressure put on a particular individual. When a group has the same goal, they’re more likely to perform better by bringing out the best in each other. It also increases efficiency because different minds come together in performing the same task.

  • Teamwork fosters a learning environment

An important aspect of teamwork is that it encourages a better learning environment. When different people come together to work on the same project, there’s a chance of learning from one another. For example, a single project which requires the input of a different team member opens up the path for employees to understand each other’s work. It also allows people to interact with each other and learn new things, not only about their job profile but also others’ responsibilities. This allows employees to acquire new skills, which help their individual as well as the company’s growth.

  • Teamwork offers better opportunities for feedback

When there is collaborative teamwork, amongst persons; the group accepts criticisms as a body and there is feedback not just from one individual but an entire team. The team, as a result is supported and stand together.

  • Teamwork helps in resolving issues faster

In an environment where there is collaborative teamwork there are more open and friendlier groups of employees. This induces a better problem-solving workforce as everyone can share their different perspectives.

Ways to promote teamwork & collaboration:

  1. Define roles
  2. Have Informal social gatherings
  3. Reward teams for their teamwork
  4. Stop micromanaging
  5. Acknowledge individual performances
  6. Take feedback from everyone

Conclusion: Teamwork and Collaboration is not only important for the growth of an organization, but they are also equally important in fostering a person’s growth.

How, and to what extent does your firm believe it can foster Teamwork and Collaboration on a consistent basis?

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