Networking: A lifestyle change that can help you achieve maximum success!

Do you shy away from meeting new people? Does the thought of speaking to strangers paralyze you? While the idea of networking may cause you to panic, many businesses succeed by leveraging their network.  Networking is a powerful tool which can help you achieve success in business and even your personal life! Networking has changed in so many ways.  A telephone call to an old friend in 2005 has been replaced in 2020 with friend requests and instant messaging on Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. We have come a long way by methods of simply ‘keeping in touch’.

To keep your business sustainable and prosperous you must adapt to the changing times (in method and approach) or be left behind.  Many people struggle with networking in an effective way.  While on the other end of the spectrum there are certain people who make progress with the people whom they know in a very brief period.  These business networking power players command the room by bringing the right people together.  So why can’t you?

Keep positive!  Whether you want to reach out to friends who can make your business grow or make new ones, networking can assist in getting you there.  The important thing is knowing the HOW.  Perhaps you’re a new employee at an Insurance Company, with your income based solely on commissions.  This means that you have to sell! sell! sell! if you want to survive and make the next rent.  Despite the large pool of friends and acquaintances garnered from high school and tertiary education, you’re still hesitating and wondering “how can you reach them”, “would they be interested”?

If we take the time to evaluate networking possibilities, we’d discover that everyone is linked in surprising ways; therefore, making connections may be easier than you think.  You will also discover on the journey, the importance of being of service to others and being a good friend in order to make your network work for you.  Another aspect which makes you a champion in the networking arena is likeability, particularly when it comes to doing business with others.  This will consequently place you in a position to build rapport and create long-lasting bonds through effective business networking.

You are not alone.  The truth is, many of us struggle with this.  You may have been an introvert for most of your life but as a business owner or entrepreneur, it is time to change your lifestyle and adopt a new habit. You can start by taking some notes from those businessmen and women who have made great strides through networking.  One such person is Joe Polish.

Joe Polish is one of the most highly sought-after Marketers today and is known for his ability to connect with anyone.  Through his exceedingly renowned Genius Network and GeniusX masterminds, he leverages his networking prowess to bring together the top industry transformers and leaders worldwide.  Some of these leaders include Peter Diamandis, Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Steve Forbes, and John Mackay. Tim Ferris, of the iconic 4 Hour Workweek, who’s also one of the biggest influencers in modern-day business, says, “I’ve seen many people who have good networks, but I’ve never seen a better network than the network that Joe has. Joe is absolutely the best door-opener I’ve ever seen.” Brendon Burchard calls him “the most connected and caring guy in the industry,” while Sir Richard Branson says that “he’s doggedly determined and never gives up and has a big heart.”

So we will close off this piece by sharing the paradigm in which Polish has built his fortune through networking.  Polish believe in adding value to the world.  In a society which is out for personal gain, he emphasizes giving – this creates more opportunities and referrals.  Know always that you cannot do it on your own – learn to collaborate and pay it forward.   Improve self-worth by learning to help others – in turn when you need help, you have a few options.  Finally, and many times the pinnacle of networking, learn to create life-long friendship and bonds which will make the networking process easier due to you being your genuine self.  Superhumans like aqua man are mere fictitious characters. If persons such as Polish in their human capacity can do it, so can you!

Contributor: Christelle Rennie

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